We live in a chaotic world

in an environment that puts many demands on us. As a
result, providing safety in the home has become more of a priority than ever. Safe1 is
committed to helping our customers create and maintain a safe environment where
those who live there are proactive about their health and safety.

At Safe1 our products are high quality, affordable and include everything from child
safety products, fire safety and home surveillance products. Ultimately, our product
line is all about offering you the peace of mind that you so greatly deserve – and the
confidence of knowing that you are managing your health and safety proactively.

Safe1 recognizes that a safe environment in the home is a prepared home

We are happy to help you create just that, based on your specific needs and goals.
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“Is your Home a Safe1?

Isn’t about time it should be, chose Safe1 for a safer home”
Child Safety (This May be a Separate Page which can be linked onto from Your
Home, pictures of products will be included on this)

There is nothing – absolutely nothing more precious and more
important than thesafety and well being of our children.

Did you know that unintentional injury is the
leading cause of death in children 14 years old and under with a third of them
occurring in the home? One of the top reasons a child under the age of three will visit
an emergency room is because of household injuries and sadly, 70% of children who
die from unintentional injuries are under the age of four.
Every room in the home will present its own set of child safety issues.
Two of the prime danger zones are the kitchen and the bathroom.

Before I became a young father, I crawled around the house on my hands and knees to
see things from a child’s perspective. You would be amazed at what you can discover